August 7, 2017

An innovative website has been developed with lifestyle advice for women of all ages living with breast cancer.





The website, will be launched on Friday, 18 August 2017 with a unique campaign that aims to show a positive side to cancer.




The charity has developed a hashtag #sassme and t-shirts to promote the launch of the website, and is encouraging Queenslanders to show their support by using the hashtag on social media.


“‘Sass me’ is our way of saying ‘give me your best shot’ in the face of cancer,” Sassy Survivors founder and director Deb Eccleston said.


“Our aim is to show people that a diagnosis of cancer isn’t an immediate death sentence – with the right treatment you can overcome the disease and live a fulfilling life.”


“Sassy Survivors is proof of that.”


Sassy Survivors is a sisterhood of breast cancer survivors who came together to share their knowledge, advice and inspiration for young people living with breast cancer. The website is the next step in their evolution to provide women with the advice and support they believe will help them to live positively with cancer.


“We wanted to create a forum where women could come and freely discuss their concerns, find information on topics relevant to them and offer hope for the future,” Deb said.


The website has been a labour of love and was developed after a year of fund-raising by the seven board members of this small Queensland charity.  


Megan Rizzo of Studio Fascino, a Photography Studio on the Gold Coast & Bree Hayward of Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Styling, also on the Gold Coast, have provided their professional support to Sassy Survivors by filming the women’s personal journeys to share on the website.


Sassy Survivors was originally formed on the Gold Coast in 2010 after it was discovered there was not much relevant information and support for women under 50 living with breast cancer.


With the development of the website the group is now offering an online community where people can come and chat and find support and articles on health, mind and body, no matter their age or gender.


“So many people are affected by breast cancer and need ongoing support and information,” Deb said.


“It is not only the woman diagnosed but also their direct and extended family, friends, school and work colleagues. It is also the case that many people are surviving longer and so living with breast cancer is the ‘new normal’ and there are many issues that arise because of this.”


“Life doesn’t end with a breast cancer diagnosis.”


Sassy Survivors is a non-profit organisation and the new website has the support of the Cancer Council of Queensland and oncologist Associate Professor Dr Michael Slancar, a provider from Icon Cancer Care.


Dr Slancar will be delivering regular video updates and the opportunity for people to ask him specific questions via a live chat forum.

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