Performance really does matter. Why fake it till you make it?

July 31, 2018


The ultimate career survival guide is here!


A new book to hit the virtual book-shelves is sure to be a bestseller, packed full of useful insights and practical take-aways on how best to optimise your career potential and personal brand.


Performance Matters is the ultimate career survival guide for Millennials or indeed for any business leader who wants to inspire the next generation of knowledge workers.


This may well be one of the most important books you will ever read. 


In an age where the customer rules and the philosophy of more for less reigns supreme, this book offers readers an inspiring and straightforward self-coaching process to help navigate a successful and rewarding career.


The author is currently Senior Vice President of Human Resources at one of the largest Hotel companies in the world, and has a wealth of experience from a career of guiding, mentoring, and managing people in the workplace.


"Bruce has written this wonderful book which is filled with his personal experience, insights and wisdom. Readers will find strategies to help them manoeuvre the work space and make the most of their work journey, whatever that may entail. This book is engaging, clear, and full of wise, practical recommendations,” said Dr Despina Sfakinos – co-founder of MAD Psychology.


"Over the past 20 years, Bruce has gained valuable experiences and insights from working across multiple industries, in multiple geographies. Sharing and combining these with his proactive, practical outlook makes this book a great resource for those starting out or starting anew," said Andrew Caminschi, Senior Advisor at JB North & Co.



This book will both challenge and inspire you to;


- Create your own definition of success.

- Define a compelling and engaging career vision and plot a path towards it.

- Identify and build your personal brand value.

- Challenge you to think differently about how you approach your career. 

-       Help you better understand how to navigate change in uncertain times


For full details about just how much Performance Matters, or to order your own copy -



The Author Bruce Harkness

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